Frequently asked questions

What is the GitHub Hackathon?

The GitHub Actions Hackathon is a four-week virtual hackathon. Individuals from all over the world will create and build Actions to submit anytime between March 5 and 31.

Where is it located?

You can compete from anywhere in the world where GitHub is available.

When does hacking start?

The Hackathon runs from 12:01 am PT on Thursday, March 5 to 11:59 pm PT am on Tuesday, March 31.

How much does it cost to participate in GitHub Hackathon?

Like open source, the GitHub Actions Hackathon is free!

Can I submit as a team?

No teams! All Actions for the GitHub Actions Hackathon will need to be submitted by an individual.

Can I work as a team or with other people?

We always encourage collaboration when coding and building ideas. Feel free to work with others, help one another, and build together. Just remember, you’ll need to submit your Action individually.

How many Actions can I submit?

There is no limit to the number of submissions. There is a limit to one swag bag per household.

Can I submit an Action from an organization?

All submissions must be hosted on the submitter’s GitHub account to qualify.

If I have a question, or I’m stuck with my Action, who can I ask?

Please reach out on for support on your Action and getting unstuck.

What programming language can I use?

You can use anything you want! There are no limitations to languages, we encourage you to try new things and share your discoveries with the community.

What hosting or cloud platforms can I use?

You can use whatever you’d like.

What is the topic/theme of the Hackathon?

There is no specific topic or theme. You are welcome to create any type of Action that you’d like! Be creative and think outside the box.

What happens when I submit an Action during the GitHub Actions Hackathon?

There’s an open source repository on GitHub that was built specifically for this hackathon. It has an Action that confirms when users submit a new Action for the hackathon, and verifies that it meets all the requirements.

In thanks for your participation and to commemorate the hackathon, we’ll also send you some fun swag. Plus, your Action may be featured in a future GitHub showcase promoting awesome Actions built by the community.

What are the requirements for an Action?

There are six requirements for a valid hackathon submission. Your Action must:

  • Be public and open sourced.
  • Have been created between 12:01 am PT on Thursday, March 5 and 11:59 pm PT on Tuesday, March 31.
  • Have a shareable license.
  • Have an action.yml file.
  • Be owned by you.
  • Have a commit history that lists you as the primary author.

Can I sponsor the GitHub Actions Hackathon?

We will not be accepting sponsorship for this hackathon.

Can I hold an event for the GitHub Actions Hackathon?

Absolutely! Whether it’s a meetup to share ideas, a code workshop to encourage collaboration, or an event to showcase what you build, we’d love for you to spread the word and engage with your communities.

Can GitHub employees participate?

GitHub employees, contractors, and immediate family members cannot compete.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes, please review the code of conduct.