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Github Actions Hackathon

March 5-31, 2020

This four-week hackathon challenges the community to create original GitHub Actions. Actions connect all of the tools in your workflow: You can solve problems, build containers, deploy to any cloud, and more.

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How it works

  1. Log in to GitHub to start tinkering around with GitHub Actions (you can also check out this tutorial).
  2. At 12:01 am PT on Thursday, March 5, start building Actions for the Hackathon!
  3. Submit your Actions by 11:59 pm PT on Tuesday, March 31.
    (Bonus: The first 1,000 valid submissions will receive free GitHub swag!)
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Read the rules and FAQS.

Featured submissions

Label Commenter Action - Label triggered GitHub Actions for commenting on issues or pull requests, then close or reopen those.

Keeps forks updated automatically with their upstream counter part.

This GitHub Action will respond to a question in any pull request or issue of "Is ${user} awake?" by telling you the date and time currently in the user's specified location as they list in their public GItHub profile.

Minifies JS and CSS files with UglifyJS and CleanCSS

Action that converts TODO comments to GitHub issues on push.

Check changelog has been updated for the PR

This very simple GitHub Actions allows you to retrieve issues that were recently closed via a commit. One usage example is to assign a "Resolved" label to all issues that were automatically closed by a commit.

📝Automatically fixes typos in your source code and docs!

A novelty action to post a cat gif to a PR to reward you for pushing code!

This action was designed to make lives easier for a Maintainer by adding contributors to a file which is stored into the root directory of the master branch.

Stay tuned for more GitHub hackathons.